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Personnel & Education Committee

Provide resources for members to promote career growth. 

Plan an implement training opportunities on personnel issues, such as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce, management & leadership, etc. 

Collaborate with other MLA Committees to offer the highest value to members. 

Action Plan 

Mission: The MLA Personnel Issues and Education Committee will establish themselves within the Massachusetts library community as a resource regarding continuing education for all staff on personnel topics.

Action Plan: The committee will work to remove barriers to entry into the field of librarianship and to continuing education. Barriers include: cost, degree requirements, lack of diversity, systemic racism, and lack of competitive salaries and benefits. This committee will maintain transparency and integrity around all topics. Work to remove barriers to entry into the field

  • Work with MLIS programs Introduce a scholarship program for MLIS students. (investigate MBLC funding; MLA funding)
  • Promote existing training and certification programs provided by MLS, MLA, and other organizations 
  • Provide best practices for libraries on hiring, DEI, and related topics
  • Provide samples of interview questions, job descriptions, and job postings (exemplar of process from start to finish)
  • Provide social and financial resources for staff interested in progressing in their careers
  • Increase diversity within the field of librarianship by expanding outreach and recruitment efforts to underrepresented groups
  • Introduce a paid internship for high school students. 
  • Support libraries in their retention of staff
  • Define a leader in any position
  • Advocate for re-evaluation of existing professional hierarchies
  • Promote the state salary study and recommended standards
  • Provide professional support for underrepresented groups in the library field
  • Provide inclusive opportunities for career advancement within the field of librarianship 
  • Connect staff with existing professional organizations for support and training

Helpful Resources

 Job Posting Site Alternatives
This is a suggested list of other groups or sites that may accept a job posting and may help to boost the diversity of candidates
  • American Indian Library Association - Requires membership to AILA, from website “Become a member of AILA! AILA membership includes a subscription to our Newsletter with information pertaining to library services to Native Americans and reviews of books on Indians. Membership also makes you eligible to subscribe to AILA-L, a discussion group for AILA members. If you are currently an AILA member and wish to be added to AILA-L, please contact, the list manager.”

  • Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association, requires membership to APALA

  • Students of Color @ SLIS - not a listserv, but one of their stated missions is “To disseminate information about financial aid opportunities, internships and fellowships, especially those that promote a culturally diverse librarianship.” Contact form on their website

  • Trans & Non-binary Library Workers of Massachusetts Support Group This listserv exists primarily as a professional affinity group for Massachusetts-based trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse library workers and students. The affinity group meets virtually once per month to provide community and professional peer support. The list functions secondarily as a resource for cisgender LIS workers and students in Massachusetts to ask for direct input about services, policies, and best practices regarding gender-diverse people in the library. List members may also post to draw colleagues' attention to topics, events, or news items of particular relevance to the trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse LIS population, including job opportunities that may be relevant to those in this population. Contact:

  • We Here: “We Here LLC was born out of private communities for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who work in libraries or archives. These spaces, which have been described as a support group, collaboration network, and mentorship platform, have significantly informed our business practices. Submit a job form to (may be a cost associated)

Activities & Parameters for Internship and/or Volunteer Library Work 


  • Shelving materials or shelf reading

  • Cleaning/dusting tables and shelves

  • Offering community service hours for those needing it if they volunteer to help at library programs. Could include:

    • Working a check in table

    • Face Painting or running a children’s activity as part of a larger event

    • Helping your Friends group or community services department with outreach at a table

    • Craft preparations (cutting out, putting together craft kits, etc.)

    • Laminating items (i.e. a storywalk)

  • Working on diversity audits (picture book survey is easiest)

  • Pulling from lists already created (weeded items, etc.)

  • Extra support for staff at larger events to help with directors or to point out staff who can help

Ideas to Redirect Volunteers/Interns
  • Redirect to other organizations (share contact info)

  • Redirect to our Share Your Skill program as a one off program

  • Friends groups or Foundations (mention specific programs that might be interesting, like Ice Cream Social or Membership Drive)

    How to Handle Volunteers and Interns in a Union Environment

    Parameters followed in Waltham (unionized): 

    • All volunteers and interns submit a resume and do an informal interview with a Dept Head (or designee). 

    • All volunteers/interns have to get a CORI check if selected or confirmed.

    • All projects and timelines are submitted in writing to the Director for approval.

    • Director submits summary to union as an FYI ahead of time for transparency. 

    Committee Co-Chairs:

    Noelle Boc
    Peabody Institute Library of Danvers

    Contact us at

    Meeting Schedule:
    2nd Monday of every other month at 2pm via Zoom, September, November, January, March, May

    Visit the MLA calendar of events for the next Personnel & Education meeting.This

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